Yenn has a radio show where they and invited guests talk about all things Autism at

They are also a guest presenter on the Talking Disability program on Canberra Radio 2CC. Podcasts for that program include:

Jean Giese – General Manager Volunteering and Contact ACT

Hugh Chalmers, Chair ACT Inclusion Council

To listen to any of Yenn’s past radio shows below just click on the description. Some guests also have their own links and websites – you may be able to find out more about them by clicking their name.

This is just a short selection of some of our episodes, the others can be found on Postively Autistic at blogtalkradio.


27 May – Barb CookAbout her work – Spectrum Women, Bikers for Autism.

14 January – Narelle McCaffreyAutistic mum of Autistic kids Nacelle McCaffrey talks with Jeanette about parenting on the autism spectrum.

28 January – Tori Haar, Rochelle Johnson & Emily Advocates Rochelle, Tori and Emily talk with Jeanette about prejudice, privilege and intersectionality.

4 February – Michelle GarnettDiscussing Michelle Garnett and Tony Attwood’s new book ‘Exploring Depression and Beating the Blues’


30 January – Tim FischerJeanette interviews former Australian Trade Minister, Deputy PM, Ambassador to the Holy See, author and Autism world legend the Hon. Tim Fischer AC about communities .

6 February – Tony Attwood & Wenn LawsonTalking about around Samantha’s blog ‘Everyday Asperger’s as well as issues faced by women and girls on the Autism spectrum.

5 March- Samantha Craft Talking about some of the more challenging aspects of being an adult on the spectrum.

16 April – Vicki BitsikaJeanette interviews Professor Vicki Bitsika, who diagnosed Jeanette with Asperger’s in 1994. A wonderful reflective show focusing on the history of the Asperger’s ‘label’ and Vicki and Jeanette’s intersecting personal journeys.

14 May – Patrick Schwarz Talking about empowering Autistic people to meet their potential.  This show was recorded at the Aspect Autism in Education Conference where Patrick and Jeanette were keynote speakers.

11 June – Steve SilbermanJeanette interviews Neurotribes author Steve Silberman about neurodiversity and the history of Autism.

11 December – Emma Goodall & Samantha CraftAuthor and blogger Samantha Craft interviews author Dr Emma Goodall and Jeanette about advocacy and their books.


25 March – Dawn-Joy Leong Talking about the value of pets and art

4 April – Joel Wilson Talking about Joel’s work in Autism research

11 April – Tori Haar Talking about Autism and faith

18 April – Tony Langdon Talking about all the amazing things Tony does, including firefighting, sports and being in a loving, long-term relationship

25 April – Wenn Lawson Talking about empathy and how ‘Theory of Mind’ is a problematic concept

25 April – Penny Robinson Talking about the work of the I CAN Network in mentoring young people on the Autism spectrum

30 May – Malcolm Mayfield Talking about Malcolm’s work in Autism consultancy particularly around employment

8 August – Anita Lesko and Abraham Nielson Talking about Autism and love and all Autism wedding

29 August – Geraldine Robertson Talking about protective factors for young people on the Autism spectrum

12 September – Cindy Nicollet Talking about Cindy’s work as a psychologist and her PhD research work around anxiety among adults on the spectrum

19 September – Sylvia Rodger Talking about Sylvia’s work as a Director of Research and Education at the Autism Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) and involving Autistic people in research.

10 October – Joe Westlake Talking about becoming a teacher and empowering kids and young people with autism to lead a fulfilled life.

17 October – Joel Wilson & Tori Haar Talking about attending conferences as an autistic individual and the Autism CRC research academy.

5 December – Joel Wilson & Tori Haar Christmas special – Talking about strategies for surviving the Christmas holidays.