In addition to writing books, Yenn also regularly blogs and contributes articles to magazines and websites. They are also a featured writer for Spectrum Women. See below for a selection of pieces of interest:

Yenn’s author page on ‘The Mighty’(16 articles)

An Open Letter to Matryr Parents(Spectrum Women)

Stranger in a Strange land – the Autistics Expatriate(Spectrum Women)

‘The Parents’ Guide to Autistic Pride’(Personal Blog)

‘Gender Identity – Thoughts on Being ‘Out’(Personal Blog)

Gender Identity, Sexuality and Autism — Some thoughts and reflections(Spectrum Women)

With a Bit of Luck(Spectrum Women)

Coauthored submission to the United Nations on autism and mental health and women and girls(Coauthored submission for Yellow Ladybugs)

Assertiveness: Why it’s hard and some strategies(Personal blog)

We’re all in it together (why I hate hate)(Personal blog)

Why I worry (a lot) when people talk about cures for Autism(Personal blog)

Opportunity for Autistics is vital(Personal blog)

After years of unemployment, here’s how I succeed at work with my disabilities(The Mighty)

Why I lived openly with Autism while hiding my schizophrenia(The Mighty)

Resilience – a vital element of an Autistic child’s ‘tool kit’(Guest blog for Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)

Autistic woman with (the right) attitude(Guest blog for International Women’s Day, published on the Attitude Foundation website)

Bullying – never ever OK (Personal blog)

I didn’t mean to be rude – communication differences and Autism(Personal blog)

Loving, valuing and accepting yourself – the best option(Personal blog)

Friends – Good, true and preferably Autie(Personal blog)

Reflections on a life less ordinary… and coming home(Personal blog)

Yenn has also been writing poetry since childhood. See below for some examples.

When I get old (new)

All that I want (new)

Small talk (new)

My past and me

I don’t want your cure

The ordinary club

I give talks

Whimsy Manor

Love encapsulated

Not quite enough